Corrugated Boxes Manufacturer

5-ply corrugated boxes near meare disposable containers containing three layers of material on each side: an inner layer, an outer layer, and a middle layer. These containers have become the standard for shipping goods. They find widespread use in many transportation and inventory management settings from the best-corrugated box manufacturers

What Are The Types Of Corrugated Boxes?

Rigid Boxes

Three pieces total to a rigid corrugated box: the end panels, the main body, and the main body itself. The box’s two end panels fold into the ends, while the rest of the box is created from a single piece that folds in half. The flaps or joints in the package are what give it its rigidity. In the self-erecting variety of a rigid corrugated box, one section of the scored box folds into a slotted or telescope-shaped container from the cardboard box manufacturers

Tuck Top Auto Bottom Boxes

Tuck-top corrugated boxes are functional and easy to put together from the corrugated box manufacturers near me. There is no need to glue together the box’s framework. After the bottom of the package has been tucked into the body, the top flaps and top are extended from the gatta box factory.

Folder Boxes

Folding ready-made corrugated boxesself-assemble like rigid boxes from the carton box supplier. One-piece, five-panel, and tray folders available. The top of this one-piece swimsuit is an extension of the side flaps. The top and bottom panels are the top and bottom when folded by the corrugated box factory near me.

Telescope Boxes

Telescope boxes from the 5-ply corrugated box manufacturer get their moniker because the whole thing—the body and the cover—folds into a compact package. The body and the surface can be folded together and slid over each other. The cover performs the same purpose as a lid, while the main body is the container for the package by the carton box manufacturers near me.

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Double Cover

Double-cover custom-made corrugated boxes have square or rectangular bodies. The covers are detachable and replaced. Unused parts can be stored flat. Top and bottom fold down for storage until telescopic portions are needed from the cardboard box manufacturers near me

Slotted Boxes

A slotted box is made of scored and slotted corrugated sheets that can be folded and assembled from the corrugated suppliers near me. Slotted TVs are popular and desirable containers from the carton box manufacturer. Slotted corrugated boxes can store or carry any commodities, chemicals, or components from the corrugated factory near me.

The Benefits Of Corrugated Boxes


This packaging is popular due of its low cost. These require no extra time, money, or tools. Corrugated boxes can be recycled after their initial usage by the corrugated box supplier


These containers trap microbes and humidity. They give strong cushions in varied sizes for different things. Corrugated boxes from the cardboard box suppliersprotect your items from the elements and shipping damage.


Corrugated boxes’ best advantage is their reusability. Every company wants to protect the environment. Corrugated box materials by the corrugated box supplier near medon’t affect wildlife or flora.


Wide range of corrugated box sizes and shapes.  You have a few paper selections depending on your package done by the corrugated cardboard manufacturers. These corrugated boxes transport anything.

Secure Products

Shipments traveling long distances benefit from the added protection provided by corrugated carton manufacturers. Corrugated boxes have flutes and walls that will prevent damage to your product while in transit.


corrugated packaging box manufacturers safeguard all kinds of products. Corrugated boxes are fantastic, even if you’ve never had one. XHM Custom Packaging provides corrugated box packaging. We’ll develop high-quality product packaging. They promise undamaged corrugated boxes.